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Aupairs at Work has been providing families with reputable aupairs since 2006, and we pride ourselves in placing aupairs with exceptional personalities, qualifications, experience and a genuine passion for children.

It’s not just about placements but we endeavor to develop long term relationships with our aupairs and families.

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Our Director’s Story

I started my journey as an aupair to 3 wonderful boys (7yrs, 4yrs and 10months old). I had an amazing connection, the support and guidance I received from them were just out the ordinary. Having been inspired by these little human’s for a couple of months, I decided to complete my NQF level 4 in basic childcare and pre-school as well as my First Aid at Professional Childcare College in 2009.

From this, I gained 10 years’ experience and the most exceptional time of my life. The journey I chose has not only been inspiring but rewarding, by this I mean we are most certainly a part of leaving footprints in YOUR little human being’s lives.

As a mom of a 2-year-old and a business owner, I understand the difficulty of juggling your career and home life around to ensure that you do not miss any milestones, that’s why we are here… To give you the best quality of Aupairs for that sense of relief that you have an amazing support structure.

We have a fabulous passion for childcare and I would love for you to meet the rest of my team.

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