Aupair FAQ

It’s all about the children

Children, being our most valuable assets, deserve our attention and a real effort to invest in their lives. We are proud to say that in our business, it is truly all about the children.

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How long does an Aupair usually stay with a family?

An Aupair placement is generally a year plus. However, due to unforeseeable circumstances, an Aupair may leave before this period comes. (Please note: If an Aupair leaves within 3 months Aupairs At Work will replace her FREE of charge.

Can an Aupair live in?

Yes most certainly, please just indicate your needs to the consultant during the recruitment process.

Who chooses who?

Both sides do the choosing – it is important to feel comfortable primarily with the children but also the parents.

What do I need in order to become an aupair?

Childcare experience with contactable references, a driver’s license and your own reliable car and a first-aid certificate.

How long will the agency take to find me a position?

We aim to place most applicants within 2 to 4 weeks of successfully registering with the agency however this is not always the case as there aren’t always suitable positions available.

What salary can I expect to earn?

Kindly read our Au Pair Salaries page for more info regarding salaries and what you can expect to earn. Please note however that this is also dependent on your qualifications, experience and what the client has put forward as a possible salary.

Who pays my monthly salary?

The client will pay you your monthly salary directly, on or before the last day of the month.