Aupairs Salary Guide

What You Could Earn

Experience0-12 hours per week13-20 hours per week21-30 hours per week31 or more hours per week
1 yearR3000R4500R5500R7500+
2-3 yearsR4000R5500R6500R8500+
3-4 yearsR500R6000R7500R9500+
4 years plusR6000R6500R8000R10000+
  • Overtime to be reimbursed at 1.5 x the hourly rate.
  • Sundays & Public Holidays should be reimbursed at double the hourly rate.
  • *The above rates are not inclusive of travel.

Travel Allowance

Travel Allowance is usually reimbursed at R3.24 per KM. Usually, the family decides to either include a travel allowance based on an average of kilometers in a month into the salary alternatively a logbook is kept by the employee and pay accordingly.

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