What Is An Aupair?

An Aupair Is…

An aupair becomes the “Big Sister” or “Second Mom”! You become responsible for your employer’s children as if they are your own. An Aupair manages the children’s day to day activities and provides them with the love and care that every child deserves.

Below are some of the common duties, however each family has their own requirements and they can differ from others.

  • Collecting children from school
  • Transporting the children to extra murals, therapies, doctor’s appointments, etc.
  • Supervising and assisting with homework, projects, and exams
  • Liaising with teachers, coaches, and other activity teachers.
  • Arranging and supervising play dates
  • Purchasing necessities for school
  • Communication with the parents at all times regarding the children
  • Running errands for the family or household
  • Grocery shopping on the family’s behalf
  • Engaging in intellectually stimulating play and activities with the children
  • Preparation of meals for the children and sometimes also for the family
  • Babysitting and weekend work by prior arrangement and mutual agreement

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